KZ Acoustics Upgrade Cable For ZS3 / ZS5 / ZS6 -Silver

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Silver Core Cable for Brighter Sound

0.75mm Gold Pin

Easy to Use

Dedicated Cable Upgrade

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Cable Upgrade for Your KZ-ZS3 Earphone
The replacement cable for KZ ZS Matte Version earphones uses silver to provide different sound quality compared to standard cable. The use of a white cable body gives its own aesthetic value to the earphones when used.

Silver Core Cable for Brighter Sound
Kz uses silver for the core material of this cable. The use of this material increases the sound of KZ-ZS3with more audible vocals and trebles.

0.75mm Gold Pin
This cable uses a 0.75mm pin connection made of gold. The use of gold material is required so that the signal can be properly channeled to the earphone driver.

Easy to Use
You can use this cable very easily. Simply remove the old cable and replace it with a new cable.

Product Specifications

  • Cable Length 120 CM
  • Cable Plug Type 3.5mm To 0.75 Pin
  • Silver Material
  • Net Weight 80 G


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